sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

Pablo Morais posa de sunga e exibe Mala Volumosa !

Pelado? Rafael Vitti posa sem camisa

Video - Passando Óleo no Corpo Sarado de Zac Efron !

Shirtless - Chris Hemsworth

Holding the Man - Official UK trailer

Based on Timothy Conigrave’s bestselling memoir and love letter to his long-time partner, Holding The Man is a heart-rending tale of Timothy and John who fell in love at college and start a relationship that lasts nearly two decades. Enduring temptations, discrimination and divisive jealousies, their biggest challenge comes when illness threatens to drive them apart. Emotionally intimate and honest, it’s a heart-breaking drama that ultimately celebrates the power of love. Ryan Corr (*Wolf Creek 2*) and Craig Stott play the two lovers, with solid support from some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest actors including Sarah Snook, Geoffrey Rush, Kerry Fox, Guy Pearce and Anthony LaPaglia

Faria esse PTista da Comissão do ImpeachMent?

Cliente recebe Chequão e devolve novamente pra dentro do Caixa !